Are your paralegals swamped?  Is your legal secretary overwhelmed?  Do you want to save money and time? While court reporters who do ‘live’ sessions are often cost-prohibitive, our service focuses on typing from recorded audio – whether it’s from a digital recording or telephone call – saving you hundreds of dollars off court reporter fees with the same exact product in the end – a true and accurate transcript!

With Type4Me, we let you focus on your clients while we focus on the typing.

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  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Interviews
  • Memos
  • Letters
  • General correspondence

The bottom line is, if it can be recorded, we can type it — probably for less than you think!


  1. CALL or WRITE US- we’ll go over your project requirements, including turnaround time, formatting specifications, and type of work (i.e. interviews, letters, conference calls, etc.)
  2. UPLOAD your file and/or use our CALL-IN DICTATION SYSTEM: Instructions will be provided. (Formats supported for digital recordings include .aac, .aif, .asf, .au, .dct, .dss, .dvf, .flac, .mp2, .mp3, .mp4, .mpga, .msv, .ogg, .ra, .ram, .rm, .sri, .vox, .wav, .wma etc.)
  3. PICK-UP: By email, fax or our secure website.
  4. VOILA! That’s it!

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