What’s New with Type4Me

Ready for meaningful use? We are and can help you get there! We offer the perfect ‘hybrid’ system that allows physicians to pick templates for the ‘easy stuff’ and dictate the more complex narrative pieces — then our system automatically puts all the pieces together in the correct order within your EMR!

Sound complicated? It’s not. We have a team of interface specialists that will work with you for a smooth, fast transition.  Sound expensive?  Even better — it’s free! That’s right, we will interface with your current or planned EMR free of charge as a value-added service.  Why?  We want to keep you happy.  Yes, you can keep your providers off their keyboards and focused on what they do best — direct patient care.

Got an IPhone?

Our new Mobile App in partnership with our ASP (EMDAT) is available for Apple iOS or Smartphones with Windows OS. It gives clinicians who use Type4Me the ability to access and complete Emdat functions on the go.

Available services:

  • Review appointments
  • Create dictations
  • Upload dictations
  • Review and approve completed transcriptions

Download our app and have your patient schedules at your fingertips along with the ability to dictate on the fly and have your dictations automatically routed to our American medical transcriptionists!

A bit about us…

Type4Me Transcription offers Internet-based medical transcription services from our home in beautiful Portland, Oregon. We offer our clients the ability to record their dictations via digital handheld recorders, our call-in system (toll-free) or we can import work off your system. Regardless of the method you choose, you can be assured your dictations will be transcribed quickly and accurately by experienced Medical Language Specialists and returned to you within 24 hours – or less!

We specialize in clinic work – whether you are a small, medium or large sized facility!

  • Clinics/Private Physicians: We handle all specialties and work types! Enjoy the convenience of:
    • Digital Recorders – Our system works with multiple types (Olympus, Phillips, Uher, etc.)
    • Call-in system (toll free and available 24/7)
    • Secure access to view, edit, electronically sign reports from ANY Internet connection (HIPAA compliant)
    • Interface with your existing/planned EMR – free of charge (ask how you can have a hybrid EMR system!)
    • 12- to 24-hour TAT Standard – STAT Capable
    • Free set up and ongoing support
    • Affordable rates, accurate work
    • Services Available 365/24/7
    • Document management system to trace and audit each dictation at all times
    • Fax on demand – sign off your reports and have them immediately faxed to the recipients
    • Excellent References

Benefits of using a digital, Internet-based transcription service:

  • No more distorted-sounding tapes means greater accuracy in your reports.
  • No more ‘lost’ dictations because the tape was broken or otherwise damaged.
  • Faster turnaround time – your dictations can be sent to our Medical Language
  • Specialists immediately after you dictate them via the Internet.
  • Reports can be viewed, edited, printed out, faxed, and emailed the moment you receive them.

Why settle? With Type4Me, you just get more!  Let us show you with a one-week free trial!