Public Safety

Type4Me provides law enforcement and fire departments with a secure, encrypted system to reduce report writing time by as much as 80%.  Save time and money while getting officers off their keyboard and back on their beats.

Save time, save money…get peace of mind

Detailed investigations require detailed reporting. That job often falls to the investigators and officers themselves, wasting
valuable time that could be spent investigating crimes and patrolling their beats.

The solution? With Type4Me, your detectives and officers can walk around a crime scene with a digital recorder and/or
phone and dictate their findings in real time. Within hours, they can have that report typed up and available for their review.
Then they simply read the report, sign it off, and get back to their jobs.

Type4Me offers:

  • Dictation by phone or portable digital recorder
  • Secure police report transcription
  • Transcripts of witness/victim
  • Investigations and interrogations
  • Accident, arrest and traffic reports
  • Fire reports
  • Reports transcribed within 2 to 24 hours
  • 24/7/365 access to all reports via any Internet connection

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Save Time
Dictating Reports is 80% Faster than Typing

Save Money
Time Saved Dictating Reports means Officers/Detectives have more time investigating crimes and patrolling their beat and
less time typing, often resulting in overtime.

Peace of Mind
Detailed reporting takes a significant amount of time to type, but very little time to speak. Officers will give more detailed
reporting of crime scenes resulting in more accurate, thorough documentation.